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New production for the new season 2015-2016 conifers and shrubs in P10.5



Mon 13 Apr 2015

Garden plant of the month!: Thuja

In February, most gardens are still in hibernation and there is little green to be seen. They could really do with a dose of greenery. Take for instance the Thuja. This small conifer brings the garden to life so that you can enjoy it. The Thuja is green all year round, requires hardly any nursing, and has a calming effect. Get to know February's Garden Plant of the Month: the Thuja.

The Thuja, latin for 'tree of life', is an old symbol which obtained the name 'abre de vie' in France when in 1536, after a bleak winter spent on the Saint Lawrence river in Canada, explorer Jacques Cartier returned with the young conifers. The conifer owes its name to the medicinal effects of the oil obtained from the tree. The native Canadians and colonists used it for treating scurvy, among other health problems.


Calming effect

The botanical name Thuja derives from the Greek word thuo meaning 'to sacrifice'. Varieties of the Thuja were once used in sacrificial rituals because the wood gives off a pleasant smell as it is burnt. Furthermore, the plant's oil has a nice, calming aroma. There are even stories that you should seek the company of the Thuja when you are restless and confused.


The strong Thuja stays green year in and year out. The conifer grows into a compact tree and is available in spherical or cone shapes, or as a standard tree. You can plant the Thuja in February as long as the ground is not frozen. Small conifers in pots are also ideal for on your balcony or patio. Place your Thuja in a sunny spot or in partial shade. This garden plant is great company when you want to sit outside in February and enjoy the first rays of sunshine.


This conifer requires very little attention, so you can take it easy. If yours is in a pot, water it from time to time. You can also reward your Thuja with a little plant food.

For more information and inspiration, take a look at our website:

Select Thuja on our website to see all the different varieties of Thuja that we have in our range.




Thu 12 Feb 2015

Vinca Minor available week 9 till week 15

Vinca minor

The Vinca minor in varieties P15, P19 and P23 is available week 9 till week 15 with buds and flowers, Dwarf Perriwinkle. A trailing evergreen perennial with small, dark green leaves , from Mid Spring through Summer with prolific blue, purple or white flowers.

It is an excellent very winterhardy groundcover plant and can be used to good effect underplanting other shrubs such as roses. Happy to grow in most soils in full sun or shade (flowers best in sun). Can be grown tumbling over a wall or in a large container. Height 20cm spread over 50cm.

Wed 21 Jan 2015

MPS GAP certified!

Leenders Plants gains MPS GAP certification

Leenders Plants gained MPS GAP certification in December 2014. This certification means that Leenders Plants cultivates a product with integrity, with respect for people, animals, and the environment. This certification also highlights the social aspects within the organization. In this way, we contribute to a better world.

The MPS GAP certificate is a business-to-business certificate. MPS (More Profitable Sustainability) is the organization that awards and issues this GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certificate, and is an initiative run for and by the retailers. The demand for GAP certification comes specifically from that section, and Leenders Plants is keen to satisfy this demand. As a client, you can make use of GAP in your sustainability policy. You can even translate this into a Private Label.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

We are extremely proud that our efforts have been rewarded and that we have been awarded this certificate. This is a genuine triumph for our company and our team! We will need to continue to monitor the possibilities and developments in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship in order to cultivate and deliver our plants in an as environmentally-friendly manner as possible.

We need to make sure our 'voice of nature' is heard, as we are doing a lot of positive things. We produce and trade in ‘nature,’ and that's something we and the whole garden plant sector can really take pride in.

Tue 13 Jan 2015

Lots of media attention for Betula 'Golden Treasure' ®

During the Green is Life in Poland last week, we have for the Betula 'Golden Treasure' ® received a silver medal. We are very happy. Meanwhile, this is already the necessary publicity in social media and even on Polish television!

Thu 04 Sep 2014