We are very service-oriented and like to help our clients find solutions. In this regard, we provide an extensive service. Our plants are regularly pruned during the growing process to ensure that we deliver beautiful, compact products. If required we can provide you with information about the growing, budding and flowering stages of our plants.

We can also deliver potted plants that are already marked with their prices, bar codes and labels. We can also provide custom-made services, if required. Please contact us to discuss the various options available.

Leenders Plants service:

  • A comprehensive product range, expertise and passion!
  • Pot service: cleaning and marking
  • Smart, contemporary line of stickers and labels
  • Order in NL before 2 pm: delivery early on the following morning
  • Twice-monthly e-mail overview of our current range of varieties
  • Website with current range of products and professional photographic material (

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