In our company we work with at team of skilled employees and temporary workers. Together we share the passion for the nursery business.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves:

Mark and Paula Leenders

Mark and Paula Leenders have been the owners of Leenders Plants since 2005. They have a profound knowledge of the national and international plant trade and the world of auctions. Due to a combination of knowledge and extensive experience Leenders Plants is able to help its clients find solutions and deliver top quality products. Mark and Paula do not only run the company but are also actively involved in sales.

Our Team

We work with a closely-knit team of 8 employees (part time and full time). Together they are responsible for technical cultivation aspects and for getting consignments ready for shipping at the nursery. Naturally the entire team has extensive professional knowledge of all of the varieties that we grow.


The office acts as the link between our clients, our market and the nursery.  We are a strong and ever developing company in every aspect. The combination of professional knowledge, investment in modern technology and a tightly-knit team ensures that we are ready for the future together with you!

Leenders Plants BV. ' Strong quality and assortment !'

In Memoriam:

Peter Leenders

Peter Leenders, started the company in 1980. He supported us with his technical knowledge and coached us where necessary. At Tuesday the 25 th of October 2016 we suddenly had to say goodbye to Peter. Peter died at the age of 67.

We remember him as a skilled, passionate and a enterprising person. But most of all as a loving father (father in law) and grandfather. We still miss him every day. Forever in our mind.



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