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I have a dream - a belief - that we can help the Earth through heat and drought.
We can help the Earth very simply - everyone can help - All we can do is plant and water a tree and prune it every now and then.
A tree provides shade and cooling (the best parasol you could wish for) and removes bad substances from the air and provides oxygen to the Earth every day.

Which tree do you choose?

... and every flowering plant we plant helps the bees! How beautiful! ...every sunflower we sow gives food to the birds!

Which flowering plants do you choose?

So simple- I want to help with that- I want to share my knowledge with everyone-
With every small, large, easy or complicated garden question, we look for the answers together - a Garden Coach - a Green Coach.
Together we can choose which trees & plants - I can teach you to prune and give you the confidence to be able to garden yourself - to make your own paradise.
Do you want to learn how to garden or do you have a garden question?

Call Greencoach Paula tel no. +316-233 636 93

A green greeting, Paula Leenders-Boer



In the IVN newsletter of November 2021, a very nice clear explanation of why it is now the best time to plant plants and trees in the autumn of October.


Beautiful images, Green coach Paula

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