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Wednesday 30 August 2023

A history that we are proud of...

A history that we are proud of...

There is a statue of Mattieu Leenders (1883-1958) in the royal gardens in Arcen. Mattieu Leenders is the great-grandfather of Mark Leenders. He has bred the most beautiful roses and has been awarded many prizes and medals for his work.

"It was Johannes and Andreas Leenders who started a tree nursery in Steyl-Tegelen around 1880, in which roses were grown already before 1885. Their roses won the first prize at an exhibition held in Venlo in 1886. Johannes Leenders got five sons who all went into the nursery business.

Their company called 'N.V. Gebr. Leenders' was later continued by four sons, while a fifth son, named Mathieu, started his own special rose in 1909 under the name 'M. Leenders & Co'. farming began."

"Mathieu Leenders was born on May 31, 1883 and started hybridizing roses at the age of 21. 


"The rose nursery of Mathieu Leenders, founded in 1909 with the name 'Mathieu Leenders & Co', enjoyed international fame."


Do you want to read more about the family Leenders and the breeding of roses:

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