There is a strong sense of entrepreneurship at our company and we quickly adapt to changes in market relations. We have been members of MPS for a number of years. This organisation was established by the auction houses and has been charged with supervising energy consumption and crop protection products in horticulture. We also hold an MPS-A certificate.

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MPSWith our own pump system, we pump up high quality ground water. We also collect rain water in a large reservoir to ensure optimum usage and water recycling! Our container fields are set up in such a manner that water is drained off as quickly as possible. This ensures that plants and potting soil do not remain wet for too long as this could cause disease and mould.

Ebb and flood system

BewateringWe opted for an ebb and flood system to irrigate a number of plant species. The container field can be filled with a layer of water of ± 10 cm (flood). The water then remains for a time, after which it drains away (ebb). The great advantage of this system is that plants are watered from below, without getting the leaves wet.


Osmo CoteWe take good care of our plants and fertilisation forms an important part of this process. We have opted for introducing fertiliser right at the start and again 12 months later. We provide extra service by providing the plants with an additional buffer upon delivery. We also add liquid fertiliser when needed during the growing process, e.g. after a prolonged period of rain. Our professional expertise allows us to monitor this closely.

Crop protection products

We use environmentally-friendly crop protection products where possible. We take time to make in-depth studies of the different varieties available and our decisions are based on honest entrepreneurship.

Moss and weed growth are prevented as much as possible with bark. This consists of small pieces of wood bark that are scattered by a bark distributor immediately after potting. Weed growth and moss formation are considerably lessened as a result, enabling us to supply a clean product after one year of cultivation.

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