About us

Peter Leenders Tree Nursery BV specialises in the cultivation of garden plants. Plants are grown in pots (P9 and P10.5) at our nursery, and are sold both nationally and internationally. Our wide and modern range includes varieties such as conifer Plant Stock, these are mostly grown for other nurseries. We also grow various types of ornamental shrubs In Stock for garden centres, supermarkets and home improvement centres.

Our nursery was founded in 1980 by Peter and Truus Leenders who started cultivating roses outdoors. Potted shrubs and conifers were also soon included. The range has developed further in the course of the years, with many species originating from different parts of the world. We still discover new varieties that we add to our spectacular range. The reigns of the company were taken over by son Mark and his wife Paula in 2005.

Leenders Plants BV